Should I use a face shield?

Face shields have been used in medical procedures even prior to Covid-19 to protect the transmission of bacteria and viruses from patients into healthcare workers eyes, mouths and noses. 

Research notes the reduction of almost 96% of emissions from an aerosol cough from 45 cm away when wearing a face shield.

Therefore, face shields are especially pertinent in situations where the 2 meter or 6-foot distance cannot be maintained. Face shields create an extra barrier of protection for COVID-19; however, it protects only the individual wearing it. Thus it is recommended to wear a disposable/medical face mask with the face shield when looking to protect others

As the vaccine rollout continues to become a reality, we will have to hold the line and continue to protect ourselves and our communities. A face shield – especially when combined with a mask – will do just that. 

Face shields best feature is that it is reusable, but it is important to remember to sanitize them at the end of the day. They are easy to clean - our favourite benefit of using face shield - and provide protection especially for any potential droplets entering the eye.

Most of all, keep up the physical distancing and wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

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